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    Step & Step Alliance (S&S Alliance) is a Chinese children’s book publisher under the Beijing Allied Fortune Times Culture Group (established in Beijing in January 2008), specialized in the creation of high-quality novelty, board and picture books for the youngest meant for playing and learning, helping children to improve their logical, expressive and manual skills and to develop inventiveness and creativity.

    Products include high-quality board books and novelty books, sound books, puzzle books and games, non-fiction books, interactive books, pop-up books with outstanding novelty mechanisms and very original concepts. A variety of their books have won domestic and foreign printing awards.

    S&S Alliance is positioned in the domestic high-end children’s book market and can boast now, in an unique and innovative way in the Chinese publishing panorama, an effective international Team for sale of rights and co-productions worldwide for locally and internationally sourced original works. Step By Step International Publishing Co. Ltd is in fact the international company of the Group focused on the sale of rights and co-productions all over the world.

    In 2021 Step By Step International Publishing opened a branch office in London, UK, to distribute and sell English-language editions of their works and started representing acclaimed international publishers for rights selling of various genres of books into the Chinese domestic market.