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    The magic world of Animals, natural laws and biodiversity explained to kids in an enchanting life journey of living things.

    Animal Magicians (Educational Books, 3+)
    Miracles of Nature (Educational Books, 3-6)
    Super Amazing Books (Picture Books, 3-6) 

    Animal Magicians
    Educational Books, 3+

    Animals are amazing magicians! There are 3 titles in this series: each title uses a different mechanism to show 6 kinds of “magic transformations”, which can greatly inspire kids’ curiosity and interest, and lead them to explore more about Nature.

    For the first title, the contrast between animal babies and adult animals is vividly demonstrated by amazing bouncing popup elements, and it’s like this that a larva becomes a mature dragonfly. With revolving mechanisms, the second title shows how animals use mimicry to protect themselves from predators and how butterflies disguise themselves as owls, for example. The third title shows with sliding and pulling cards, how animals avoid predators by blending themselves in with the surrounding environment. For example, how a leaf-tail gecko can hide among dead leaves and survive! A series not to be missed!

     3 titles available
    · Miracles of Growing Up
    · Super Mimicry Show
    · Who Is Hiding There?

    Texts: S&S International Publishing
    Illustrations: Miya Du
    Format: 18 x 18 cm – Pages: 12
    Binding: Board books with 6 mechanisms
    Printing: 4/4 colours
    Target Group: 3+

    Miracles of Nature
    Educational Books, 3-6

    By flipping the pages and thanks to a very original and ingenious 3D mechanism with easy-to-move sliders, kids will be able to observe a little seed growing up into a mature plant or a little chick becoming a hen and will experience the enchanting life journey of living things.
    Attractive illustrations present children the beauty and the magical power of creatures in a vivid and lively way.

     4 titles available
    · Animals
    · Fruits
    · Vegetables
    · Insects

    Texts & Illustrations: Yo Yo Tong
    Format: 15 x 17 cm
    Pages: 10
    Binding: Hardcover
    Printing: 4/4 colours
    Target Group: 3-6

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    Super Amazing Books
    Picture Books, 3-6

    In Super Running Town, all residents run very fast. This distinctive habit provides citizens plenty of chances to run into each other… Just think: what would happen when knives run into shoes? Or a sausage run into bread? You will find out the amazing answers in this funny and original book. Well…It’s another view in Sleepy Town where residents are fond of sleeping. The little ones looked so adorable when they fall asleep. However, things were very different when they woke up…Wow! What happened? Tadpoles turned into frogs, caterpillars became butterflies, chicks hatched from eggs… As kids flip the pages, they’ll gradually understand natural laws and biodiversity.

     2 title available
    · Super Running Town
    · Sleepy Town

    Texts & Illustrations: Yadong & Mike Xiaokui
    Format: 28,5 x 21 cm
    Pages: 40
    Binding: Hardcover
    Printing: 4/4 colours
    Target Group: 3-6