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  • New Series for Young Minds: Expand your Catalogue with Original Activity and Pop-up Books!

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    Cube Stories are a fresh way to explore classic fairy talesEach cube has 5 sides, 1 empy, showing the story texts, scene, numbers, colors and shapes relative to the story.

    The 10 cubes includes a variety of games (stacking the cubs and rotating the matching picture, sorting them by size/number/shapes or the main storyline) to improve young readers’ manipulative ability, coordination and logical thinking.

    Children can nest all the 10 cubes one inside the other, which is also an interesting way to help them develop a good habit of storage!

    Title Available: Little Red Riding Hood
    Planned Titles: Three Little PigsThe Ugly Duckling

    Author: S&S Alliance
    Illustrations: Olga Sall 
    Format: 15 cm/ 14 cm /13 cm /12 cm/ 11 cm/10 cm /9 cm /8 cm/ 7 cm/ 6 cm
    Binding: 10 nested cubes packed in a gift box – colouring booklet attached (on request)
    Target Age: 1+

    Animals appear with their mouths open and then, after turning the page, their mouths shut. Children can imitate animals’ sounds and learn what the animals do, what they like and where they live with sweet illustrations that help bring the book to life.

    Titles Available: In the Ocean; In the Forest

    Concepts, Texts & Illustrations: Silvia Bonanni (Italy)
    Format: 15 x 15 cm
    Pages: 7 spreads with mechanisms
    Binding: Board books
    Target Age: 1+

    A truly original and special book that allows young readers to play with transformations while learning about many of the funny animals at risk on our planet. With the slides in, children can see the faces of the animals; with the slides out, children can put their faces into the hole in each page, gradually becoming a different animal. 

    Title Available: Endangered Puppies

    Texts and Illustrations: Silvia Bonanni (Italy)
    Format: 28.5 x 21 cm
    Pages: 6 spreads with die-cut holes and slides
    Binding: Loose pages collected in a bag
    Target Age: 1+

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