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    A big encyclopedic book series with over 100 movable 3D elements per book that allows children to learn while playing!
    Titles available:
    Vehicles, Ships, A Royal Wedding 

    My Amazing Body, The 3D Book of Great Inventions, The 3D Big Book of Dinosaurs

    Target group: 4-8

    The 3D Book of Great Inventions

    This amazing book features 9 great inventions of all times and over 120 super interesting topics to make knowledge fun and play. From the origins of writing to the sound, from objects of our daily life to the exploration of the universe, the book shows some of the most amazing inventions of human history from a scientific perspective, inspiring kids’ curiosity about our wonderful world. The many 3D movable elements in the book will let children interact on their own with all the mysteries hidden throughout the pages and will fully stimulate kids’ interest in exploration, encourage them to gain knowledge while having fun in learning.

    My Amazing Body

    Super fun activities to help kids ages 4 to 8 to learn all about their bodies!
    From eyes and ears to skin and bones, there’s a lot to discover about the human body for kids! Featuring 10 comprehensive spreads with over 100 movable elements, sliders, flaps, pop ups for pulling and flipping and much more, this book is bursting with all kinds of activities to help kids understand what makes them tick and answer many questions about how our body wonderfully works. 

    This awesome novelty book includes:

    A full body breakdown: make it simple for kids to see what they’re made of with informative, illustrated pictures and movable elements to make children interact and clearly understand the body structures and systems; 
    Lots of ways to play: keep knowledge engaging with everything from pop up movable elements to funny sliders to hands-on experiments revealing the secrets of our body. 

    The 3D Big Book of Dinosaurs

    Enter a dinosaur museum, enter an impressive 3D dinosaur collection, cross time and space and explore the exciting and mysterious dinosaur world together!
    You can learn about the origins, the classification, the history and the theories about their extinction, and the remains of such amazing and huge creatures letting us discover some of the mysteries of this past and fascinating time.
    A variety of impressive interactive elements lets children play by pulling, flipping, sliding and stimulates children’s interest in learning.