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    A big journey among fantastic creatures from all over the world: evil or benevolent creatures, which embody the fantasies and fears of men, women and children of all ages.
    This book gives an incredible scene for every creature with amazing 3D pop-ups and over 80 movable elements.

    Texts: Pino Pace (Italy)
    Illustrations: Giorgio Sommacal (Italy)
    Paper Engineering: Dario Cestaro (Italy)
    Format: 26 x 26 cm
    Binding: Hardcover board book with popups and over 80 movable elements
    Pages: 22
    Target Age: 5+

    A world brimming with wonder and joy! In this series, children will encounter an enchanting amusement park, bustling vehicles, the mysterious universe, and lively celebrations. Exquisite, delicate 3D popup designs guide young readers as they cognitively engage with distinct scenes.

    Author: S&S Alliance
    Illustrations: Chen Shuo (China)
    Format: 9 x 10cm – Pages: 12
    Binding: Board books with pop-ups
    Target Age: 2+

    Children are fascinated by the sounds of the world around them! In this captivating series of sound books, young readers encounter the sounds of dinosaurs, insects, and tools at work. Children’s little hands trigger the sound buttons with a gentle touch.

    Author: S&S Alliance
    Illustrations: Ni Chunyan (China)
    Format: 18 x 18 cm – Pages: 14
    Binding: Board books with 6 sound modules, flaps, and pop-ups
    Target Age: 3+

    Combing observation and imagination, the series consists of five books, one for each basic shape. In each spread, children have the opportunity to explore a lively and joyful illustration. However, something is missing – our “basic shapes”! Fear not though, each one hangs from its corresponding book, in three different sizes and colours on each side.

    Concept & Texts: Anna Gkoutzouri (Greece)
    Illustrations: Vânia Sacramento (Portugal)
    Format: 18 x 18 cm – Pages: 12 (cover included)
    Binding: Board book with die-cuts and 3 hanging shapes
    Target Age: 2+

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