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    Cristina Petit

    Anna Curti, Francesca Chessa, Ursula Bucher, Desideria Guicciardini

    21 x 21cm

    The development of a child in the age from 0 to 6 years goes through stages and steps crucial from a cognitive and emotional point of view. This is a new series of illustrated books designed to live and face these important moments together: children and parents! Through stories played on the edge of paradox, signed by the famous Italian author Cristina Petit and enriched by the drawings of famous Italian illustrators, children learn while having fun and they can add new stages in their growth path and cultivate their talents to “fly high” in life, exactly like little air balloons! Within each volume, a colorful and useful book mark, full of useful tips for parents and educators, a small guide to accompany children in the 0-6 target group in their everyday discoveries. Four skills areas have been identified (relations, independency, emotions, knowing the world) to achieve a harmonic cognitive, affective and social development. Each story is thus connected to a theme reference, well highlighted on the back cover.

    Cristina Petit was born and raised in Bologna – where she currently lives – and where she took two higher diplomas and graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature. She has taught in kindergartens, Secondary Schools of first and second level. She is mother of 3 children who have opened up for her new and unimaginable horizons. She holds courses for teachers and workshops for children and has published picture and fiction books with many important Italian publishers.