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    This series of books introduce childre’s to the world of shapes, opposites, animals, numbers and classic fairy tales. Just flip […]


      This series introduces the discovery of the world through the experience of the little protagonists of the stories in different […]


        Lots of flaps, touch&feel nice and attractive textures, diecut lines and holes: these are the perfect books for babies to […]

          GUESS WHO!

          This is a set of appealing animal spreads full of fun and interactive elements and with nice and colourful flaps […]


            A series for early education with texts that combine bilingual enlightenment and visual stimulation. 0-3 years of age is a […]

              PEEK-A-BOO BOOKS

              There are a lot of creative die-cutting elements in this beautiful series of books to exercise finger flexibility, to guess […]

                SLIDE & PLAY BOOKS

                Age 1-4 is the key time for the correct development of baby fingers and hands. So this special series of […]

                  FUNNY FACES

                  Each book shows an interesting theme, emotional reactions, ordinary routine moments, different tastes and in the end just the beauty […]

                    SMALL TOUCH & FEEL BOOKS

                    Animal shaped spreads and touch-and-feel appealing textures will make reading and playing so much fun! Tactile sensations are babies’ primary […]


                      This series includes one creative book for children aged 3+. There are 20 different shapes in the book. Thanks to […]

                        GOOD HABITS

                        Funny folders for children to develop good habits while eating, sleeping, pooping and bathing! There are 6 folders in each […]

                          INCREDIBLE ANIMAL ACADEMY

                          This is a very original and appealing series of activity books showing creative objects that children can compare both in […]


                            LITTLE BALLOONS

                            The development of a child in the age from 0 to 6 years goes through stages and steps crucial from […]

                              LEARNING WITH FUN

                              This is a set of creative cognitive books for mathematics and English enlightenment meant to children in the target group […]


                                ENCYCLOPEDIA FOR THE LITTLE ONES

                                This series is both funny and educational at the same time. Books for learning: 2 titles will cover all aspects […]

                                  SOUND BOOKS

                                  Parents and children alike will be enthusiastic about the appealing, simplified illustrations and charming lovely protagonists of this best-selling popular […]


                                    GLOWING-IN-THE-DARK BOOKS

                                    These magical books are produced and printed using a special glow-in-the-dark ink. So you can read funny stories with the […]


                                      SHAPED BATH BOOKS WITH SPONGE

                                      These 4 shaped bath books are perfect for introducing babies to the tub or calming fears about taking a bath. […]

                                        MAGIC BATH BOOKS

                                        Little ones love to learn and have bathe – so why not extending learning to the tub for even more […]

                                          WATER MAGIC CARDS

                                          Guess! What does it happen when water meets colour? A series of captivating cards encouraging children to engage with early […]


                                            STICK PUZZLES

                                            The series includes 32 double-sided puzzles per each box. 128 flat sticks for the 4 titles. The attractive and original […]


                                              POP-UP ADVENTURES

                                              With a stunning pop-up scene on ever y page this series is perfect for a really entertaining and interactive reading […]

                                                3D BOOKS FOR LITTLE CAR FANS

                                                With an original brand new concept and an all-round knowledge concept, full of wit and humor, this series greatly widens […]

                                                  3D SCIENCE POP-UP BOOKS

                                                  This is a set of 3D science books tailored for children aged 3-8, which combines fun and science knowledge, carefully […]

                                                    LARGE 3D POP-UP BOOKS

                                                    This is a series of amazing books with over 100 movable 3D elements about vehicles and ships. The major content […]


                                                      SOMETIMES I’M…

                                                      Charming association of moments with feelings and colours to understand our emotions from a very early age. A book and […]

                                                        WHO BELONGS TO…

                                                        It’s time to stop messing up our Planet! This is a very nice, appealing, fresh modern series to teach new […]


                                                          VISUAL STIMULATION CAROUSEL BOOKS

                                                          This series not only develops babies’ visual abilities but also facilitates brain early development. Newborn children are particularly sensitive to […]

                                                            BABY VISUAL CARDS

                                                            A series for new-born babies. At 3-4 months of age babies will start having a preliminary visual reaction to black […]

                                                              VISUAL BLACK & WHITE SLIDING BOOKS

                                                              This black-and-white book series has been specially designed for toddlers. According to Maria Montessori’s theory – the world-famous Italian pedagogist […]