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    15 x 15 cm

    Folders with riddles for children to learn things: each book contains 6 simple riddles that are about children themselves or things around them. And the 6 riddles are related to each other to build up a simple story line. While gradually unfolding the pages, pictures and words will provide to children more and more clues to let them guess the riddles, thus enabling to learn pictures, words and associating pictures to words. At the end each book gives a final surprise for children to play with or do things with their hands.

    Xu Qingfeng graduated from the Nanjing Art College. His work experience includes graphic designing, original gaming, editing and he works now as a freelance artist, cooperating with many publishers and companies for picture books illustration. Among his hobbies there is wood carving and leather art. Qingfeng was awarded the Golden Windmill International Young Illustrator Competition Excellence Award by Shanghai China Children Book Fair.

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