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    Elsa Martins

    17 x 17cm, 1 sound module 6 high-quality sounds, 6 spreads

    Board Books

    4/4 Colours

    Target group:

    Titles available:
    Different Materials
    Nature Views
    Daily Life
    Chinese Musical Instruments
    Mysterious Watery World
    The Jungle Road
    Birds Paradise
    Cute Pets

    Parents and children alike will be enthusiastic about the appealing, simplified illustrations and charming lovely protagonists of this best-selling popular series named “Listen, What’s That Sound?”. A collection of natural and everyday life high-quality sounds around us, entertaining and capable to attract the attention of the youngest. Colourful and beautifully illustrated sound books will introduce little ones to the incredibly real sounds of different materials, nature places, musical instruments and daily life situations and objects as well as – in the beautiful 4 new titles – to the unique and authentic sounds of many different animals in their natural environment. The sound mechanism will encourage children to practice their finger-movement abilities and their sense of touch.

    Elsa Martins is an independent illustrator based in sunny Portugal. She is a talented artist with a a very intuitive creative process and a fresh style which adds a lot of life to all texts and pages. Elsa has got a background in photography and graphic design. She is working with publishers in Portugal and internationally.

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