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    Text & Illustrations:
    Beijing Xiaohonghua Book Studio

    14 x 14 cm

    There are a lot of creative die-cutting elements in this beautiful series of books to exercise finger flexibility, to guess who is hiding on the next page, to cultivate curiosity and enhance imagination, to turn the pages and discover and surprise and have a lot of fun, enabling also parent-child interaction and a happy learning experience. In few words: a series to guide children to explore the world around them! The first page shows the child bright colors and some features of the object to be discovered. The second page encourages children to perceive the outline of the object with their small hands. At the same time, it describes the obvious features of the object in a concise language helping them to associate, think and explore. After flipping page by page and after the various elements of the object are overlapped, the answer is vividly shown to the child, bringing surprises and fun. The process of association will stimulate children’s interest in learning, cultivate curiosity and imagination. The colourful pictures in the books can also enable children visual stimulation and help visual development.

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