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    Text & Illustrations:
    S&S Alliance

    15 x 20 cm with tube pens (4 titles per bag, 6 spreads)

    4/4 colours

    Target group:

    Titles available:
    In the Woods
    In the Water
    A World of Flowers
    At Home

    Little ones love to learn and have bathe – so why not extending learning to the tub for even more fun? Not only will colourful and bright illustrations amuse kids while they are enjoying their bath time, the series itself
    is specially designed for kids to play and observe how colours change with water. This is really magic! These attractive bath books are made with durable, soft easy-to-clean materials, so they are reusable which makes
    kids enthusiasts to play with them again and again. Playing and learn with the opposites in the garden or finding different shapes under the water or recognizing colours at home and numbers in the forest! An outstanding,
    funny toy that provides learning opportunities through play!

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