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    Text & Illustrations:
    Beijing Xiaohonghua Book Studio

    14 x 16,5 cm, 104 pages

    Die-Cut Board Books

    Target group:

    Titles available:
    Magic Letters ABC (English only)
    Magic Numbers 123

    This is a set of creative cognitive books for mathematics and English enlightenment meant to children in the target group 0-4. The series includes 2 books presenting beautiful die-cut pages with 19 numbers and 26 English letters. Children can recognize numbers and learn letters through reading, touching and playing with the pages. The fresh modern illustration style stimulates the child’s curiosity. Each number or letter shows a nice short story with bilingual words related to the same number or letter. So the game is reading each story and learning new words! Books to exercise expression and improve the vocabulary of the little ones, to cultivate observation, imagination, memory and reading abilities.


    • Collecting 26 English letters or 19 numbers in die-cut form to play and learn.
    • Each letter or number is developed through two related illustrations. Parents can imagine the connection between the two illustrations and tell the child an entertaining story to stimulate interest in reading. Older children can relate the story to their experience, talk about themselves and develop their own language skills.
    • Illustration colours are bright, the style of the lay-out is fresh and modern.
    • Bilingual learning as added value. The basic content of the book, simple words and rhythmic sentences make it easy for beginners to get started with English.
    • High-quality materials, rounded corners, environmental-friendly ink.
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