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    Mu Yu Culture

    Meng Li

    33 x 24.5 cm with 6 folders per title, 24 pages - over 100 activities


    4/4 colours

    Target group:

    Titles available:

    This is a series of amazing books with over 100 movable 3D elements about vehicles and ships. The major content of the books is cartoon-style pictures with lots of details. They present inner structures and operation principles of vehicles and ships through pushing, pulling and turning over 100 movable parts within each volume. The book Vehicles includes over a hundred models of vehicles and 11 scenes including a fire brigade truck, a fire rescue vehicle, building machines, construction sites vehicles, agricultural machinery, vehicles in the city, on the highway, road rescue patrols, a railway station and the whole internal structure of a car. Basic knowledge elements of a car area also introduced through lively panorama descriptions. In the book Ships are prominent part is given to pictures with cartoon-like figures, and ships are delicately designed with precise details. The book describes the mechanism and inner structures of a passenger boat, a yacht, a freight vessel, a war ship, or a landing aircraft ship.

    Meng Li is a young Chinese illustrator with a strong art family background since both parents were teachers at the Tianjin Fine Arts Institute. After graduating from the Oil Painting Faculty at the Tianjin Fine Arts Institute, he attended the École Régionale Supérieure d’Expression Plastique in France for further education and began to publish picture books in France since 2007. In 2016 he was also nominated for the Global Illustration Award.

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