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    Miya Du

    20 x 20 cm

    This is a very original and appealing series of activity books showing creative objects that children can compare both in the animals and in the human world. Using an ingegnous rotating mechanism and bionics-based principles, 24 animals relate to common things in life. They can also create 24 new concepts such as a Blue Whale Airship, a Shell Opera House, a Pelican Helicopter and a Giraffe Pilot. This set of books introduces three major themes in four volumes, respectively: Animal Mechanics, Animal Designing and Animal Architecture. Thanks to the rotating mechanism children can witness the connection between animals and machines, clothes and buildings simply rotating the wheel. And with a simple and easy-to-understand bionic knowledge, children can recognize animals and understand life in a unique and beautifully logic way.

    Miya Du is living in Shanghai. She is a Chinese picture books illustrator who has published original picture books in China and abroad. Her work Cats Weaving Wool was selected for the BIBF Ananas International Illustration Exhibition. Her work The Fish of Seven Seconds Memory was selected in 2019 at the Teheran International Book Fair and at the Bratislava Illustrators Biennale.

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