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    S&S Alliance

    Iris Lei

    18 x 18 cm, 10 pages

    Board Books

    4/4 colours + glow-in-the-dark ink

    Target group:

    Titles available:
    Dreams at the Zoo
    Dreams at Home
    Dreams in Daily Life
    Dreams at the Amusement Park

    These magical books are produced and printed using a special glow-in-the-dark ink. So you can read funny stories with the light on (it’s enough to expose the books to the light for a few seconds) and then turn the light off and that’s magic! All things in the book will appear on the pages showing the dreams of the characters of the story! During the day, people and animals are all busy working, going to school, playing and even roaring. But what kind of dreams will they have at night? Read the stories in the zoo, at home, in daily life situations or at the amusement park with the light on, then turn off the light to find out which sweet dreams are really possible! These imaginative books will become children’s beloved bedt ime stories and they will enjoy the glowing-in-the-dark illustrations until they fall asleep, every night naturally!

    Iris Lei graduated at the Rhode Island School of Design Illustration. She published some of her works with the New York Times, and other us famous foreign publishers. She received the Western Silver Award for illustration and was nominated for the World Illustrators Award.

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