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    Text & Illustrations:
    Anna Gkoutzouri

    20 x 21,5 cm

    This series of books introduce childre’s to the world of shapes, opposites, animals, numbers and classic fairy tales. Just flip the transparent page back and forth to reveal the different shapes or animals and watch the pictures underneath change… Enjoy the bold colors, the appealing graphics and the visual trickery in a series of books designed to encourage conversation and visual interaction on each page.

    Anna was born in 1980 in Thessaloniki, Greece, where she still lives with her fluffy dog. After considering several career options Anna decided to train to do one of the jobs she wanted to do since she was a child and thus became an architect. But as inspiration is everywhere, she also started writing and illustrating children’s books. Her passion is to create pop-up and activity books which help visual interaction, also using paper engineering to tell a story and raise complex issues to young readers in an engaging and ingeniously simple way.

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