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    Colours are one of the keys in creating a book especially when aimed at a children audience. In children’s literature we must be very careful with the use of colours because they could distract the reader’s attention from the important aspects of the story. If children’s stories have some dark connotations, colours usually have very low saturation and darker shades.

    Depending on the kind?of story and the purpose the book sets, colours may increase a little more. If the story deals with a difficult topic, the author may choose to use stronger colours so that the book is not loaded with sadness or anxiety and may opt for more vivid and vibrant tones.
    Especially for children, colour stories capture a lot of attention and stimulate visual perception and eye colour development.

    THE AUTHOR: Canizales

    Colombian by birth and Majorcan by adoption, he arrived in Spain in 1999. A scholarship to follow a 3D Animation Master took him to the Balearic Islands and to Mallorca, where he finally established his residence. He started drawing at the age of 6?and at 16 he published comics in the Colombian newspaper “La Patria”. Now he is an author and illustrator specialized in children?s books with books published in Spanish, English, Italian, French, Polish, Chinese, Portuguese, Greek, Euskera and Korean. In recent years he has been the winner of several?international awards.


    It?s time to stop messing up our Planet! This is a very nice, appealing, fresh modern series to teach children that those who belong to nature are animals and not our waste and at the same time to make it a funny and surprising process. Every book offers a surprise on every page turned: like seeing a plastic bottle turn into a squirrel, by magic!


    Sometimes I feel Red, Blue, Yellow, Black or Pink? A charming association of moments with feelings and colours to understand our emotions from a very early age. A book and a colour for each basic emotion! 5 colours available: Red, Yellow, Black, Pink and Blue but others – like Green – soon to come…

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