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    The Great Ship

    Cars, icebreaking vessels, tractors and other vehicles enough to satisfy kids’ curiosity about various transports means and how they work!
    Below, some 3D pop-up books about vehicles and ships and a wonderful picture book about a Great Ship in a fishing town, a story that help kids appreciate time in every moment.

    3D Books for Little Car Fans
    Pop-up Books, 3-6

    With an original brand new concept and an all-round knowledge concept, full of wit and humor, this series greatly widens children’s horizon, giving endless surprises and helping them uncover all secrets about transportation means and vehicles with over 100 movable activity elements per each book!

    Innovative design and interactive texts with ingenious 3D elements help stimulate children’s reading interest. The knowledge content is rich and explained with precise but simple terms perfect suitable for the target group. With the perfect combination of appealing graphics and interesting texts, these books create a sense of surprise on every page making each spread a great discovery.

    4 titles available: 
    · At the Building Site
    · Special Vehicles
    · In the City
    · Happy Traveling

    Texts & Illustrations: Huidong Children Book
    Format: 15 x 15 cm
    Pages: 24
    Binding: Hardcover with 100 movable interactive elements
    Printing: 4/4 colours
    Target Group: 3-6

    The Great Ship
    Picture Book, 6+

    Once pride of a small fishing town, the great ship is now sitting at the port, lonely and silently, from dawn till dusk.

    But if we go back in time, villagers built the vessel with great pride and expectations and the ship played in fact an important role in the prosperous life of the small town. It boosted its economy making it rich and international and enabling people to lead a comfortable life.

    The story focuses on the concept of how time flies and what an impact this may bring to people and things. The way the story is beautifully told and illustrated will help in teaching kids how much we should appreciate and cherish time in every single moment of our life.

    Author: Xiaoheng Huang
    Illustrations: Tuzi Gui
    Format: 28 x 28 cm
    Pages: 48
    Binding: Hardcover
    Printing: 4/4 colours
    Target Group: 6+
    · Winner of 2019 BIBF Ananas International Illustration Exhibition Award
    · Winner of 2019 Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Competition
    · Winner of the Little Hakka International Picture Book Award
    · Selected in the 13th National Chinese Exhibition of Fine Arts

    Interactive 3D Encyclopedia for Kids
    Pop-up Books, 3-6


    Have you ever heard about fire fighting ships, icebreaking vessels and dredging crafts? What are they for? Compared with manual work, what are the advantages of combined grain harvesters, straw bounding machines and tractors?

    This super interesting pop-up encyclopedia will help to explain these questions to all little readers. With 12 panoramic pages of a comprehensive knowledge on over 100 kinds of ships and vehicles, up to 100 3D moving parts and as many as 120 detailed descriptions, this series will surely satisfy children’s curiosity on various transportation tools.

    Titles available:

    Texts: Muyu Culture
    Illustrations: Meng Li
    Format: 21 x 28,5 cm
    Pages: 28
    Binding: Hardcover
    Printing: 4/4 colours
    Target group: 3-6