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    Dear Colleagues and Friends,

    With the dawn of a new school year and the 75th Frankfurter Buchmesse on the horizon, our excitement is mounting as we prepare to reunite with all of you!
    In the meantime, allow us to take you on a journey through our latest Board Games!

    These two boxes of innovative puzzle books with 88 pieces will challenge children over the age of 4, giving them a great sense of achievement when they complete the puzzles. Children will enjoy both the challenge of putting together the puzzles and also can play “find and discover” to learn interesting facts about dinosaurs and elephants.

    Two titles available: Dinosaurs; Elephants
    Texts & Illustrations: Hairunyangguang (China)
    Format: 23 x 31 cm
    Binding: 88 jigsaw puzzles
    Printing: 4/4 colour
    Target Age: 4+

    An amazing gift box with a big book about different techniques and topics in art. Children will be enticed by the array of hands-on drawing and crafts activities, while they learn about using art to express themselves. Enhances fine motor development and motor skills, and inspires creativity, too!

    Texts & Illustrations: Colourto (China)
    Format: 24 x 33.2 cm
    Binding: box containing a spiral-bound book
    plus drawing and crafts materials
    Printing: 4/4 colour
    Pages: 108
    Target Age: 3+

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