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    For children, and in particular for the ones aged between 0 and 3 years old, an opportunity to bring them closer to reading is sound books.

    This category of books represents a great way to stimulate their attention
    and their emotional and cognitive development.

    Let’s discover together two series of illustrated sound books:
    Busy Vehicles and Listen, What’s That Sound?

    Busy Vehicles
    Sound Books, 0-3

    Busy Vehicles is a magical series which not only presents models but produces vivid sounds of different vehicles!

    There are 4 titles in the series and 24 vehicles in total.

    Every page is shaped like a different vehicle. And just pressing the circle button on each page, the sound of vehicles will ring and create a fantastic experience!

    As children grow older, they can keep on learning from these books: every vehicle is specialized in one activity, some of them run on land, some perform on building felds, some are members of a rescue team, some show expertise on water. And every day is a new adventure!

    4 titles available: On Land, On Rescue, On Water, On Building Sites

    Texts: S&S Alliance
    Illustrations: Masha Vyshinskaya (Russia)

    Format: 13,5 x 21,5 cm
    Pages: 12
    Binding: Board books with 6 sound modules
    Printing: 4/4 colours
    Target Group: 0-3

    Masha Vyshinskaya graduated at the Moscow University of Printing Arts and also at the “School of Children’s Books” of the Moscow State Pedagogical University. Participant and winner of international competitions and festivals of illustration, she was also fnalist of the China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair (CCBF) 2019.

    Listen, What’s That Sound?
    Sound Books, 0-3

    Parents and children alike will be enthusiastic about the appealing, simplified illustrations and charming lovely protagonists of this best-selling popular series named Listen, What’s That Sound?

    A collection of natural and everyday life high-quality sounds around us, entertaining and capable to attract the attention of the youngest.

    Colourful and beautifully illustrated sound books will introduce little ones to the incredibly real sounds of different materials, nature places, musical instruments, daily life situations and objects and, of course, many different animals in their natural environment.

    The sound mechanism will encourage children to practice their finger movement abilities and their sense of touch.

    8 titles available: Chinese Musical Instruments, Daily Life, Natural Landscape, Different Materials, Bidrds Paradise, Jungle Road, Cute Pets, Mysterious Water Park

    Texts: S&S Alliance
    Illustrations: Elsa Martins (Portugal)

    Format: 17 x 17 cm
    Pages: 6
    Binding: Board books with sound module
    Printing: 4/4 colours
    Target Group: 0-3

    Elsa Martins is an independent illustrator based in sunny Portugal.
    She is a talented artist with a a very intuitive creative process and a fresh style which adds a lot of life to all texts and pages. Elsa has got a background in photography and graphic design. She is working with publishers in Portugal and internationally.

    Love to play, love to read and following children growth step by step!


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