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  • An international team taking our imagination around the world!

    All our efforts are focused on the creation of high-value publishing contents meant to preschool children in the segments of novelty, board books and picture books.

    We are a young, active and smart Chinese publisher accompanied by some experienced Western eyes and soul. A multilingual team capable to connect with the world from East to West in Chinese, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian!

    Our books speak the languages of the world… and beyond!

    We create locally and internationally sourced original preschool targeted products recognized for their excellent quality, innovative paper-engineering solutions and fresh-modern design, conceived for being translated and sold worldwide.

    Reaching ambitious and challenging targets together

    We can sell our high-valued resources and wonderfully designed contents all over the world offering co-productions at extremely competitive prices, manufacturing at printing premises controlled by us and personally following the whole process, from submissions to delivery, step by step!

    Here is our beautiful brand-new catalogue where you can find titles for which we handle international rights

    Love to play, love to read and following children growth step by step!


    and you will receive our catalogue for download

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